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Dream Big,

with Design Assist Services.

Design-Assist Services are available from specification through final installation. Go ahead and make robust demands of our team. We welcome and accept them.

Our custom-built on-site mill and CNC capabilities have been designed for both prototyping and production. Of equal import is the attention given to engineering optimal solutions for finishing and fastening our products in any situation.

Building environments and installation requirements are highly variable, which is why our team can tailor our products and services to suit your experience specifying reclaimed wood, your design and engineering resources and, of course, your budget.

Nail the Install,

with Installation-Friendly Systems.

While Ark’s products enable outstanding versatility, they often share common installation methods and utilize common attachment hardware. (Of course, exact specifications are determined from the commercial or residential site conditions, as well as the basis of the design.)

Our systems address site-specific requirements that minimize on-site costs during larger scale builds and are engineered for professional removal, replacement and

subsequent reattachment.


Ark’s alliances with Rothoblaas®, Monarch® and Fast-Mount® offer a wide and innovative array of proven, field-ready attachment solutions.

Finish Strong,

with Ark's Color Specialists.

Ark’s finishing systems use environmentally-friendly stains that result in the highest quality gradations of tints and tones. 

In close alliance with Sherwin Williams, Ark has tested and evaluated dozens of colors and finishes for each of our products. These finish systems satisfy the most stringent local building codes associated with fire resistance, burn and smoke testing. 


We can work with you for best results and local approvals on a project-by-project basis.

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