Read between the (wood) lines and you see how it is the spaces that bring so much movement, depth and passion to this exciting platform. Opportunities for repeated, graphic patterning and even curved surfaces are virtually endless.

Envision filling gaps with metal, fabric, even LED lighting for completely unique expressions along long walls or corridors, and impressions that change when approaching from an angle or a distance.

Select from 4 basic Linear profiles, or collaborate with us on new interpretations and applications that can scale up or down, inside or out. Excellent acoustic characteristics as well.

Choose from Component-Only to Full System Build Options


Linear Quick Facts


Linear components comes in various widths and thicknesses x lengths up to 20’-0”.  The dimensional range is diverse and versatile with the profile edge typically square.


Standard dimensional profiles are:

  • 1 ⅝” wide x ¾” thick - rectilinear 

  • 2” wide x ¾” thick – rectilinear

  • 2 ⅜” wide x ¾” thick – rectilinear

  • 1 ⅝” x 1 ⅝” – square


Surface coverage and how many Linear components are required is dependent upon the approved design, in addition to the overall area of wall surface.


Ark will provide a detailed drawing for each design, along with the dimensional and conditional representations.  Installation instruction will be provided as necessary.


Residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, educational, performing arts. Can be treated for exterior applications.


Linear moldings are installed in sequence and pattern per the approved design layout.  Each molding is available with

pre-fitted attachment components per specification.


Building environments and installation requirements are highly variable, which is why we offer 3 build options to suit your experience specifying reclaimed wood, your design and engineering resources, and your budget. Click below to learn more about our Build Options.

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Ark may be a young company, but our roots in architecture, design and construction management are deep. Our investments in the sourcing, warehousing and processing of American reclaimed wood point to our national reach. We are located in Rhode Island just a few miles from the Rhode Island School of Design - source of our DNA and world-class training ground for many of the talented people working here. We look forward to meeting and having the opportunity to tell you more about us.

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