Consistent, repeatable, and highly customizable geometric panels can be cut into wide range of shapes appropriate for large wall patterning and imagery. Panels may also be tilted and arranged to manage spaces acoustically.


Elegant, sophisticated and calming – appropriate for spaces from restaurant interiors to corporate boardrooms.


Panels can be manufactured up to 5 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Imagine the impression of CNC cutting and shaping to express corporate images and symbols.


Choose from Component-Only to Full System Build Options


Planar Quick Facts


3” wide x ⅛” thick antique heart pine flitches laid-up onto various panel substrates, finishing to a net thickness of ¾”. 


Cores available: MDF, particle board, honeycomb.

Fire-rated cores available.


Total surface coverage and how many Planar panels are required is dependent on the overall area of the wall. Ark will determine the exact quantities required per the final approved design.


Ark offers Design Assist services and will provide a detailed drawing for each project, along with dimensional and conditional representations.


Residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, educational, performing arts. Interior use only.


In addition to full size panels & “cut to size," Ark can provide custom panels in all shapes and sizes with CNC precision.   Commercial attachment hardware is included, yet often time it’s specification is dependent on site conditions or

design details. 


Panel assemblies are installed using commercial attachment hardware, such as Rothoblaas®, Monarch® and

Fast-Mount®.  Often times the attachment hardware specification is dependent on site conditions or design details.


Building environments and installation requirements are highly variable, which is why we offer 3 build options to suit your experience specifying reclaimed wood, your design and engineering resources, and your budget. Click below to learn more about our Build Options.

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Ark may be a young company, but our roots in architecture, design and construction management are deep. Our investments in the sourcing, warehousing and processing of American reclaimed wood point to our national reach. We are located in Rhode Island just a few miles from the Rhode Island School of Design - source of our DNA and world-class training ground for many of the talented people working here. We look forward to meeting and having the opportunity to tell you more about us.

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