Surface Colors & Treatments

Ark’s finishing systems are environmentally friendly, using low VOC, high performance water-borne spray stains that result in the highest quality gradations of tints and tones.  These systems also enable the natural characteristics of the wood to come through in various ranges of transparency.

Our finish systems satisfy the most stringent local building codes associated with

fire resistance, burn and smoke testing.  We can work with you for best results and local approvals on a project-by-project basis.

Ark’s close alliance with Sherwin Williams has enabled us to test and evaluate dozens of colors and finishes for each of our product platforms.

Prefer to manage the finishing process yourself? Learn more about our Build Options below.

Can We Create a Custom Color for You?

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Ark may be a young company, but our roots in architecture, design and construction management are deep. Our investments in the sourcing, warehousing and processing of American reclaimed wood point to our national reach. We are located in Rhode Island just a few miles from the Rhode Island School of Design - source of our DNA and world-class training ground for many of the talented people working here. We look forward to meeting and having the opportunity to tell you more about us.

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